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With the improvement in the transport system , the travelling time between Hong Kong and Shenzhen has been shorted . How will the price difference between a flat in the New Territories and a flat in Shenzhen Chang?

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  • leung_po_chuen
    2020-11-23 23:08:18
    With the improvement in the transport system, the travelling time between HK and Shenzhen is shorten a lot. One may argue that HK people may migrate to live in Shenzhen and have a travel to HK to take their daily work. It might be true for a few years ago. With the advance and success of high tech industry in Shenzhen, the property price in central area of Shenzhen are now comparable to the pricing of the property in New Territories For some of the latest apartments, it may exceed the price in the Hong Kong urban area as well. In addition, because of the pandemic, we finally realize that there is a border in between. In the past, crossing the border may take us around 15 to 30 minutes. During the pandemic, it may extend up to 14 days quarantine period. Quite a lot of HK people living in Shenzhen have not been in HK for more than half years. Unless the border will be cancelled in future. It is not correct to estimate the property price by calculating the traveling time involved. We may need to take care some of the special condition. The border in context here pay an very important variable now for such an estimation. Or I would say that it will be still better to live in new territories if you have a job in HK rather than Shenzhen.
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